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Now is a great time to join one of the most sought after, and fastest growing careers! Dental assistant and dental hygienist Jobs are currently growing at over 30%, which is much faster than the average for all occupations. The work environment is comfortable and sanitary. The work space is much more personal than many medical jobs, but comes with all the other benefits.  In this highly regarded field, you will work closely with dentists and other professionals. You have the choice to spend a small amount of time in school and become a dental assistant, or spend more time in school, get your associates degree, and have a higher earning potential as a dental hygienist.

Dental Assisting

Working as a dental assistant can be a very fulfilling career. Many people choose to work in this field in order to help put others at ease in the dentist’s office. Many people are intimidated by the idea of going to a dentist, especially if they have to have an unpleasant procedure done. Those who work as dental assistants often find it rewarding to make a patient’s appointment a little bit easier and less stressful by helping them relax during the visit. It takes some compassion to work as a dental assistant and in return the field is very rewarding.

Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists are skilled technicians who perform many duties, most of which involve direct service to patients. The work of a dental hygienist requires both patience and diligence, and can be both personally and financially rewarding. Dental Hygienists generally work part time, which allows them to be very flexible in their careers. Hygienists who wish to work more hours can work for multiple dentists or choose to work full-time. With great benefits, a great work environment, and flexible hours, this career can fit almost any lifestyle.

Find the Path Right for You

To help you along the path to a new career, there are articles and other information describing your options. The articles go into more depth about the different fields and will help you make a choice about what is best for you. There is general information about the programs, salary information, and school specifics found through the search feature. A new life and career in a great field is just around the corner!

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